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Technology Roadmap Template & Example for Teams

A specified roadmap for the various departments of your engineering team is beneficial for organization and collaboration. Making the right decisions and tradeoffs related to your technology infrastructure. Mercado Labs, Robert has 25 years of experience in tech solutions that improve end-to-end efficiencies in the supply chain. The prediction of increased digitization has materialized to some extent, primarily in automation within the final mile and the implementation of AI for overall efficiency.

technology roadmap

In the company a vision should exist and it must be clear that the roadmap can support that vision. When that is done the boundaries and the scope of the roadmap should be specified. Furthermore, the planning horizon and the level of details should be set. The scope can be further divided into the technology scope and the participation scope. In this phase the key decision makers must identify that they have a problem and that technology roadmapping can help them in solving the problem. Whatfix’s digital adoption platform empowers your employees, customers, and end-users with in-app guidance, reinforcement learning, and contextual self-help support to find maximum value from software.

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When you have core infrastructure needs to address, a https://www.globalcloudteam.com/what-is-an-it-roadmap-setting-goals-for-your-product/ is essential. The same goes for supporting growth-oriented innovation and managing technical debt. Roadmaps provide the link between this highly technical IT work and overall business goals — sharpening your focus on what is most important to the organization so you can deliver technology solutions faster. A technology roadmap, sometimes referred to as an IT roadmap, visualizes how technical capabilities evolve to support a business and its customers. It shows existing infrastructure, architecture, and processes as well as your plans for improving or adding to them. Think of a technology roadmap as an outline of the “why,” “what,” and “when” of major technology investments before you get to the “how” — the development and implementation work.

technology roadmap

That is what makes technology a core component of your Complete Product Experience along with marketing, sales, support systems, third-party integrations, support, and policies. Together these elements form a holistic approach to product development, which is something many organizations strive for. Revisit your roadmap often, and update it to reflect any changes to projects or timelines. Better yet, consider using a cloud-based platform that will update changes immediately to truly make your technology roadmap a living document. Your IT or technology roadmap won’t be useful to anyone if it’s based on unreasonable deadlines or leaves out major tasks within your processes. Be realistic about how much work is involved, how long projects will take, and how much you can afford monetarily to take on as you add projects into your roadmap.

Types of technology roadmaps

You now have a flexible, powerful visualization of your entire technology roadmap, and all in just a few minutes. A software roadmap can be an invaluable tool when it comes to juggling your software solutions, not least because each one demands a surprising amount of time and attention. With a solid software roadmap in place, you can eliminate the element of surprise. Just like baking a cake, if you want to know how to develop a technology roadmap, you first need to know the ingredients. If the answer to this one is yes, a technology roadmap can help deliver practical, real-world rationale to tech investment decisions. State of the company’s tech infrastructure, but it’ll also provide reassurance as to what’s coming in the future.

technology roadmap

If you plan to share the roadmap with more than one audience, you will want to use web-based roadmap software. It allows you to quickly and easily build several versions of the same roadmap and switch effortlessly among the different views during your presentations. Lucidchart doesn’t provide nudges that teach your end-users to adopt new tools and it’s a road mapping tool that is not terribly suited to product adoption or digital transformation. Maintain separate versions specifically for the different classes of stakeholders involved in your product adoption or digital transformation efforts. In other words, make it easy to interpret your roadmap depending on a stakeholder’s use case.

About the Technology Roadmap Template

By categorizing your features and projects based on which sprint they’ll be developed in, you can portray a clearer picture to the rest of your organization about when they can expect what. Team leads can offer strategic direction toward a cohesive digital transformation so your team has the https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ relevant technology to stay competitive. Some professionals opt to use a mix of organizational strategies, as it’s helpful to know when projects are due and what type of task it is. Whichever sections you choose to create, be sure your roadmap still includes the aforementioned components.

More broadly, Scientists, engineers, researchers, development teams, and even academic or government leaders may work together to create an effective roadmap. According to Rakesh Kumar, a semiconductor veteran and chair of the IEEE Technology Roadmaps Committee, the first technology roadmap was created for the semiconductor industry in the 1990s. In order to be effective, the overall infrastructure must be strategically planned, organized, and communicated.

How to Build a Technology Roadmap

Just like the map you’d use to get yourself from A to B in a car, a technology roadmap is a visual tool too. There is one caveat to our suggestion — that you keep the details out of your roadmap. You should have some data supporting your plans and goals somewhere in the roadmap. Now that you’ve decided on your primary strategic goals, it’s time to turn those goals into a plan. Before you can plan the specific tactics of your technology project, you need to figure out why you’ve decided this initiative is essential. That means your first step is to identify and clearly articulate the “why” behind your proposed change.

technology roadmap

For example, if your goal is to establish a company-wide messaging system, then it’s helpful to detail what effect you hope this change has. This practice helps to solidify your goals and motivate other professionals to work toward them. The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done.

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For example, a technology roadmap will show when the previous system will sunset and when the new one will be implemented. The Open Group Architecture Framework is a standard often used to create architecture roadmaps. This roadmap gives a high-level view of evolving architecture backing the product to the chief executives of the organization. Development teams working towards developing a product for a company also need a roadmap where they can outline a plan for releasing a product into the market. This might involve chalking out sprints and designating certain amounts of work due by a specific date. Formulating a technology roadmap can help the IT team decide the number of SaaS subscriptions needed.

  • Milestones showcase progress and rally the team around deadline-oriented goals, keeping everyone on course.
  • This view communicates how everything will roll out across upcoming months, quarters or years.
  • During his time working in investment banking, tech startups, and industry-leading companies he gained extensive knowledge in using different software tools to optimize business processes.
  • A technology roadmap can also be used to outline when upgrades and improvements to an existing stack will take place and when parts of it will be retired.
  • And there you have it, 5 easy steps to craft a well-defined technology roadmap.
  • IEEE is dedicated to helping stakeholders from many industries engage with one another in the development of useful and actionable technology roadmaps.
  • Roadmaps can be product-specific, application-specific, or industry-wide.

This easy-to-use format is easily digestible for audiences such as product, development, and IT ops. Internal IT teams and members of management typically use technology roadmaps. This allows everyone who is participating in the technology-related project to understand the groups’ schedule and goals. Though these professionals are often the ones who create technology roadmaps, any professional working toward a technological change can benefit from using one. An effective roadmap provides a framework for planning, executing, and communicating company strategies.

Crafting a technology roadmap

Don’t forget to follow up with stakeholders on any feedback they might have to share. Make sure they can provide the feedback at a designated place and at any time post-presentation. Any changes to the roadmap must be reflected in real-time to avoid any communication gaps. Review initiatives outlined in the roadmap and analyze if they match the expectations of the stakeholders. Create a presentation indicating the reasoning behind the roadmap, the major initiatives it entails, and how the benefits help in achieving the company’s objectives. Laying out the plan helps in understanding how and when to execute the goals.