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Understandability, actionability, and readability of online patient education materials about diabetes mellitus

Discharge instructions written above this level might increase the risk of adverse outcomes for children as they transition from hospital to home. We conducted a cross-sectional study at a large urban academic children’s hospital to describe readability levels, understandability scores, and completeness of written instructions given to families at hospital discharge. Two hundred charts for patients discharged from the hospital medicine service were randomly selected for review. Written discharge instructions were extracted and scored for readability (Fry Readability Scale ), understandability (Patient Education Materials Assessment Tool ), and completeness . Descriptive statistics enumerated the distribution of readability, understandability, and completeness of written discharge instructions.

The system source code should not bury the user with an excessive amount of detail. This is where separation of concerns and abstraction come into play, allowing the engineer to focus on the task at hand. Most commercial software engineering tasks out there do not start out with a clean slate. There is an existing application, written using a certain computer language, relying on a set of frameworks and libraries, and running on top of some operating system. 2,500 years ago Heraclitus said that “change is the only constant in life.” Nowhere is this more apparent than in software engineering, where a developer’s daily job is to modify, adapt, tweak, or even remake the systems they are responsible for.

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The problem is how to construct the internal semantic link network of concepts. A concept reflects the recognition of a physical object, an event or the abstraction of some objects or events. It can be regarded as a kind of computing, which inputs data of various types (e.g., a sentence or data obtained from sensors) and generates a model of the data.

Regarding their size, only one health handbook was palm-sized, and most were either size A6 or A5. As for the format, some were divided into three separate booklets in accordance with the purpose (i.e., for basic information, for recording, and for advanced information). Almost all of the information in the health handbooks was “sufficient” or “exists but insufficient,” but “no such function exists” was also seen. This dictionary definitions page includes all the possible meanings, example usage and translations of the word understandability. Compared with the Semantic Web, the semantic link network is a study of the content networks. Its main task is to unveil the nature and the rules of evolving semantic link network where humans evolve in their lifetime, and to develop the method for discovering the semantic link network and making use of it.

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This study was also supported in part by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (No. 19K03120). MN and AG contributed to the study design and writing of the first draft. EO and HM supervised the study and took part in revision of the paper.


Its hospital medicine service consists of 4 teams that care for approximately 7000 children hospitalized with general pediatric illnesses each year. Each team consists of 5 or 6 pediatric residents supervised by a hospital medicine attending. Understandability, within the context of workplace communication, refers to the exchange of information in verbal and written terms to facilitate workplace understanding and information. Company success is determined by the reciprocity of ideas and the definitive manner in which they are expressed. Employers and employees relate to each other by engaging in standardized language that is understandable for the benefit of company productivity. According to this view, representation, method and computing are unified.

Materials and Methods

QCon San Francisco Learn what’s next in software from world-class leaders pushing the boundaries. While using ChatGPT through a web interface is one thing, creating your own autonomous AI tool that interfaces with ChatGPT via its API is a different story altogether. As strong proponents of C++, in this article we are going to present a GPT tool written in C++ to ease the pain of dealing with the daunting task of editing endless editorial comments. Content is easier to understand by users who are not familiar with the topic. People with learning disabilities who cannot understand complex sentence structures and vocabulary. Yet again, Egyptian mediators managed to wring a ceasefire understanding to restore – temporarily – relative quiet.


This article provides a high-level introduction to combining Wardley Mapping, Domain-Driven Design , and Team Topologies to design and build adaptive, socio-technical systems optimized for a fast flow of change. By gaining What is understandability of a product, collaborating on code or handing off code becomes a non-issue. You are able to get the exact data you need to comprehend what’s going on, without the pain of getting there and twisting your brain into circles. There’s nothing worse than having that pesky bug at the back of your mind while you’re writing new code. By understanding your code, you’ll be able to debug like it’s as easy and pleasurable as lying on a beach in the Bahamas or winning at Call of Duty. Debugging can befrustrating and long in the best of times(and that’s counting the times when the debugging gods are smiling down upon you).

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The preceding concepts do not mean that complex information should be excluded from the financial statements. For example, the concepts related to pensions and derivatives are not easy to understand. In these situations, apply the understandability concept as much as possible, but still present the required information. Understandability is the concept that financial information should be presented so that a reader can easily comprehend it.

Therefore, representation, method and computing can be studied uniformly. Summarizing texts can be extended to summarizing method and computing. There is, however, only very little work on systems with integrated explanation mechanisms that inform the user at run-time. We briefly revisit existing work on notions of causality, counterexample-based causality, certification, and feature-oriented systems.

Empirical Evaluation of Understandability and Usability of Health Handbooks Commonly Used in Japan

Similar to Spider-Man, being safe, fast, and efficient is key, apart from the obvious difference in attire and actual abilities to scale a skyscraper. No matter what you’re working on, understanding your creations is of the essence. As theDEJ reports, 68% of organizations https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ experience it, facing a tradeoff between working without the data they need or delaying those releases to get the data. In short, it’sthe dilemma developer’s facewhen they need to choose between needing data to write code or having to write code to get that data.

  • Discharge instructions written above this level might increase the risk of adverse outcomes for children as they transition from hospital to home.
  • Of the patients included in the study, 51% were publicly insured.
  • The complexity of this process and the amount of time spent on it can create company-level and technological friction.
  • We found that the majority of discharge instruction readability levels were 10th grade or higher, that many instructions were difficult to understand, and that important information was missing from many instructions.
  • Such views at first blush are quite appealing, and frankly understandable if the analysis begins and ends at that point.

Of a service is the ability of a person to understand the function of the service without having any knowledge of other services. For instance, if a banking application implements a checking account service that does not implement a deposit function but instead relies on the client to use a separate deposit service, this would detract from the service’s modular understandability. The modular understandability of a service can also be limited if the service supports more than one distinct business concept. For example, a service called CustomerCheckingAccount that mixes the semantics of both a customer service and a checking account service also limits modular understandability. The modular understandability is especially important for services, because any unknown consumer can find and use a service at any time. If the service is not understandable from a functional perspective, the person deciding whether to use the service will have a difficult time making a decision.

Understandability: the most important metric you’re not tracking

We take it upon ourselves to change that existing application so that it meets some requirement, such as developing a new feature, fixing an existing bug, etc. Simultaneously we are required to continue meeting all the existing documented requirements, and maintain the existing behavior as much as possible. Strategies, standards, and supporting resources to make the Web accessible to people with disabilities. Content is more usable for people with lower language skills, such as people who are not fluent in the language of the website and people with low literacy. Web accessibility is essential for people with disabilities and useful for all.